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Global initiatives

REGO® is supporting several global initiatives

EICC Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition for common technical standards

The EICC was founded in 2004 by a small group of electronics companies seeking to create a industry-wide standard on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain.

The founding members of the EICC – originally founded under the name “Electronic Industry Code of Conduct” – saw an opportunity to drive positive change and increase efficiency across the industry by creating a unified approach and ensuring that suppliers were held to a common standard.

Unique amongst industry groups, the original eight founders of the EICC included major electronics brands as well as large Tier 1 suppliers. The EICC was run primarily by volunteers from member companies for its first nine years. In 2013, a full-time professional staff was hired to support the EICC in a new phase of growth.  More on EICC-Website.


GeSI - Global e-Sustainability Initiative - for responsible, ICT-enabled transformation

In collaboration with members from major Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies and organisations around the globe, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is a leading source of impartial information, resources and best practices for achieving integrated social and environmental sustainability through ICT.

In a rapidly growing information society, technology presents both challenges and opportunities. GeSI facilitates real world solutions to real world issues both within the ICT industry and the greater sustainability community. We contribute to a sustainable future, communicate the industry™s corporate responsibility efforts, and increasingly drive the sustainability agenda.  More on GeSI-Website.

Cooking for Life - clean and save burning with LPG

Cooking for Life, a campaign of the WLPGA, aims to facilitate the transition of ONE BILLION people from cooking with traditional fuels as well as other dirty and dangerous fuels to cleaner-burning LPG by 2030.

The campaign convenes governments, public health officials, the energy industry and global NGOs to expand access to LPG and bring this modern alternative to the people who need it most. We also work to increase public awareness about how traditional fuels negatively affect everyday life among the world’s most vulnerable.

COOKING FOR LIFE puts the necessary tools and resources for success in the hands of energy policy decision makers in developing countries. India, Brazil and Indonesia are shining examples of successful countrywide conversion to LPG, proving that large-scale adoption is possible. The campaign arms leaders in other countries with the best practices and lessons for implementing successful LPG conversion programmes. - Get involved Spread the words - More on Cooking for Life website. 


WLPGA World LPG Association

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) is the authoritative voice of the global LPG industry representing all sectors of industry.

The primary aim of the Association is to add value to the sector through driving premium demand for LPG, while also promoting compliance of good business and safety practices. It brings together private and public companies involved in one, several or all activities of the industry, it develops long-term partnerships with international organisations and implements projects on local and global scales. It promotes the use of LPG worldwide to help foster a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous world. The Association was established in 1987 and was officially granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1989. For more information on the WLPGA, visit: