REGO Trademarks

Labels for superior quality and reliability

The REGO® Trademarks represent a broad product range for the LPG, Cryogenic and LNG industry worldwide.

REGO LPG & Cryogenic Products

In 1908, the first REGO® Products were designed for the gas welding industry. The name REGO® was derived from the words "Regulator" and "Oxygen". In 1923, the REGO® line was established in the young, but promising, LP-Gas industry.

REGO® Product engineers, in conjunction with LP-Gas marketers, pioneered the development of propane valves and regulators to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industry. The REGO® MultiValve illustrates our tradition of innovation. In the 1930s, the MultiValve® was designed to combine several valve functions in one unit. This made more practical tank designs possible - with fewer openings and smaller, less cumbersome protective hoods.

Over the years, the MultiValve® has kept pace with the changing LP-Gas industry - continuing to keep tank fabricating cost down and reducing operating expenses for LP-Gas dealers. Other industry standards patented under the REGO® name include: Double Check Fill Valves, Pop Action Relief Valves, Chek-Lok Valves and the MultiBonnet.

Goddard Cryogenic Products

With the range of Goddard products REGO is the premier manufacturer of gas control products to the industrial gas and liquefied cryogenic liquids industry worldwide. REGO manufactures a extensive variety of gas and liquid pressure controls, pressure regulating products, pressure relief devices, and a broad range of ancillary equipment.

With over 100 years of experience, the REGO® and Goddard brands are relied on by the industrial gas and liquefied natural gas industries.

Macro Technologies LNG Fueling Components

Macro Technologies is a new Brand within the REGO product range for LNG fueling components.

With products such as our CryoMac2® LNG Fueling Nozzle – that’s lighter, has fewer icing issues and is more cost effective than other LNG fueling nozzles on the market, LNG Fueling Cap – the only cap on the market that limits the intrusion of contaminants, Breakaway Coupling – that’s become a standard safety feature for LNG stations all over the world, and our LNG Vent couplers – that have become an industry standard with over 30,000 in service worldwide.


Superior Products Cryogenic Fill Products

Superior Products, LLC (SP) is a new member of the REGO product range.

SP manufactures and provides logistics for a complete line of gas management systems, compressed gas fittings, assemblies and manifolds for the alternative fuel, welding, cryogenic, medical and specialty gas markets throughout the world.